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Although this was a preliminary decision to me the ICJ took the easy way out, they had no choice to admit it was genocide so they did the usual Western way of not really wanting to side with South Africa but having no real choice so did it in such a way that let the murder continue but not giving full approval.

I'm with the Palestinians reaction to this.

As for Sunak's response I discovered I could inwardly swear like an old time fisherman! Not pretty.

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Thank you Vanessa for your excellent and very helpful summary of the dire situation for Palestinians co-created and enabled by "the West" and their Zionists allies. I very much appreciate hearing from Palestinians their stance on the situation.

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all of the children, women and men who are being starved, kettled and continue to be targeted by Israel's heinous genocidal acts.

I support the Palestinian cause and right to their homeland which has been unlawfully, brutally stolen from them.

There must be peace and true justice for Palestinians. πŸ™

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Thank you for this, Vanessa. I was feeling uncomfortable with the ICJ wording but hadn't been able to think through to why. And this did that for me. It isn't just too little, too late, it's an entirely wrong premise of 'civilized occupation.'

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