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Your voice is so uniquely important. Thank you for your courage and your service. Personally, I support you, and I share your messages widely. God marvelously bless and protect you Vanessa.

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I've just finished watching this on Odysee, thank you for putting this up as all Palastinian voices need to be heard.

Definitely true that not many people realise that Christians live in Palastine as well as Muslims. I tried to tell my "christian" neighbour that one day, way before the 7th Oct, to which she responded that I came out with some rubbish! I think that was her way of calling me a liar.

Rev Ateek's comment in 2010 was so true, a wise man indeed.

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Thanks Vanessa! I think what happens here in the US is a lot of divide & conquer re: Christians & Muslims, and, very characteristically, we're given only binaries to "side with" instead of seeing how complex and fluctuating everything is. Christian Zionists probably have a lot to do with that, with their warped agenda. I was raised very religious, christian, but the whole evangelical thing is a different order of business. and it IS business, the Christian Zionists have $$. Anyway that's off topic. I'll watch this video as soon as I can.

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It’s as if the UN was created to pave the way for The New State of Israel 76 years ago almost to the day. And here we are yet again; the same old propaganda which covers up past sins while prepping for the next round.

(‘The Stones Cry Out’ should be aired in Megachurches right before passing the special offering basket; not bloody likely...)

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It was said in the film, "The Israelis would like the Christians to leave so they can portray this as a Jewish Muslim conflict. But this is not a religious conflict it is a political conflict." How very true, because that makes it easier for the church to turn a blind eye in America. They fell for the 911 ruse, and now this.

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