And while the US and European citizenry binge on Netflix and other steaming platforms, NATO goes into phase II of the destabilizing of the African continent. Phase I was the NATO destruction of Libya led by Barak Obama on his white horse in 2011. And while this atrocity played out, the Western citizenry binged on Game of Thrones, Homeland, and many more mind-numbing productions created entirely for this purpose, à la 'panem et licenses'.

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Jan 3, 2023Liked by vanessa beeley

Hi Vanessa 👋

I'm very interested in the ebola outbreak of 2014 and its links to the maidan and russal

I call you dame van bee . Cos if we lived in a fair society you'd have been honoured a long time ago

You are incredible mate

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Thank you Vanessa for making us aware of this very worrying situation.

When I click on the hyper links in your introduction as indicated with square brackets,

"Why [Mauritania] is turning into an alliance outpost in the region - a recent [report] by [Nikolay Dmitrievich Plotnikov] outlines the potential for a new NATO front with Russia with Mauritania converted into a NATO alliance outpost in the region.

The following is a translation of the [article in Russian].

>>> The links all take me to the main article, "NATO will confront Russia in western Africa – Why Mauritania is turning into an alliance outpost in the region." https://www.ng.ru/kartblansh/2022-12-07/3_8609_kb.html

Is that as you had intended?

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