Another sickening start to the day, keep safe Vanessa and everyone else in Syria as well.

The high handed attitude of Netanyahu and his bully team is beyond belief especially in light of Switzerland bringing criminal charges against Netanyahu and also Chile and Mexico joining together to bring a case of war crimes against Israel for what they are doing in Gaza.

I agree that the US are also responsible but equally blame the UK who are just the same but manage to hide their crimes more and let the US take all the blame for them.

We long for peace, a permanent peace but sadly I doubt it will happen, the West will get its Third World War regardless of what we want.

All we can do is act against our governments in the West in our own way and hopefully scupper their plans.

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Of course it will be pitched as a precise pre-emptive self defence targeting with minimal collateral. Menachem Begin would be proud of this current Likud executive. Terrorists of global impact.

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