Anthony Lloyd gets prizes and perks for fabricating "news" while Julian Assange is tortured in Belmarsh Prison for actually practicing journalism.

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Again and again intelligence agencies, especially American and their British running dogs proxies, seem to have their paws all over traditional news organizations and reporters. The CIA's Operation Mockingbird is the classic example, but control of the public mind is as essential to the aims of power-hungry powers as is control over governments and resources across the world.

Fair-minded people who wish to live in a modicum of freedom and independence must by sheer force of past experience treat with great skepticism anything and everything emanating from mainstream Western news media, especially "news" about official enemies of the state.

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Although I gave up reading all mainstream media at about the same time I rid myself of my television, just under twenty five years ago, obviously I still get to hear about articles and news.

I find it easiest to handle these "journalists" the same way I do the English government, reverse everything they say and you will hear the truth. In all the years I've been doing that I've been right roughly 98% of the time.

How these disgusting people can face themselves in the mirror I honestly don't know, what I do know is that I trust the Hezbollah Media Office over any Western news.

It's the reason I go out of my way to listen to people like Nasrallah so if someone tries to tell me a distorted version I can refer to the notes I make and say " nope, that wasn't said".

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I just watched a victim of propaganda,.This one Jewish. Then I witness your rambunctious little door barker. My lot are going to have a dust up Vanessa.

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