Thank you Vanessa for your brilliant analysis of the deeply disturbing dystopian reality of the MAiD death pathway being entrenched in my homeland.

Amongst all of the dark details and statements made by psychopaths past and present who have promoted murder by euthanasia, for some reason it was this one by Canada's "Justice" Minister which made me curse and read it three times: "We’ll work in good faith to make sure that Canadians are ready for mental disorder as a sole criterion for seeking MAiD."

I have never had second thoughts about relocating to the UK over 10 years ago. When I observe what is going on in Nazi Canada, especially in the last few years with the puppet dictators Trudeau and Freeland positioned to run the show, I count my blessings even more so each and every day.

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Fantastic article, Vanessa.

The psychopathic irony of them advancing these MAID threads now - with a huge bow wave of mental health issues and the immolation of the middle class over the past 3 years plus the jab damages that are manifesting - is sickening. Business will be booming.

Devaluing human life has been an enduring part of The Agenda. Threads converging from many stakeholders/quarters. From Gaia Cultists. From WEF types. From pro-choice types. Aborting so many millions of humans over decades couldn't help but act as a moral acid on our cultures.

The forces of darkness can seem unassailable.

I fear there will be many darker days to come, before light is restored.

Before we restore the light.

And vanquish the darkness.


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Good exploration of the gestalt. We have been selecting for weakness and death for so long believe it is difficult for many to understand. When I walk into a grocery store in America stocked with candy and alcohol I get sick. Whole Paycheck even worse. Makes me think of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.

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Hammer on the nail on this one!

Vanessa, with many thanks for focusing on my back yard - the silent wars are often overlooked!

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